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What is insulin and does it only affect people who have diabetes? In a nutshell, insulin is the stuff that makes us and keeps us fat. Insulin is a hormone that is in each and every one of us, regardless of age, sex and whether you are fit, healthy or otherwise. The only difference is that the level of the hormone can vary in each person.

So how is insulin affecting your weight?

Here’s how it works; when you eat carbohydrate, it is broken down in the stomach and converted to sugars. The more refined the carbs, the more simple the sugar, and the quicker it gets into the blood stream. So, the pancreas secretes insulin to sweep sugar and other nutrients out of the blood stream and takes them to the cells to be used as energy. However, if energy is not required at that time the sugars can be stored for later. And it is this storage that is the issue.

The sugars are converted into glycerol, and this substance nicely combines with fatty acids, which are fixed in the fat cells. The only way this fixed fat can be disassembled is with a substance called hormone sensitive lipase. Insulin inhibits this lipase from being produced, which means lipolysis (fat burning), doesn’t take place whilst there is insulin present. Insulin is the biggest issue when it comes to managing weight, and will always be released with any form of man-made or refined carbohydrate. It is insulin that is fattening, and the lower the insulin, the greater the fat burning for energy.

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Sebastian Sutherland
Sebastian Sutherland
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