Pippa Nottingham - SEB FitnessPippa, Nottingham*

“The changes I needed to make wasn’t that difficult… I always had fun and have always felt at ease”.

Over the last few years I had lost weight with different diets, but would then put the weight back on, as I would go back to my old habits. I then decided to try and eat healthily and increase my exercise, however, I wasn’t seeing the results.

I was worried that the changes I would need to make wouldn’t fit in with my lifestyle, such as avoiding certain foods. For example not being allowed carbs after a certain time etc, but that wasn’t the case.

I’ve really enjoyed the programme and haven’t found the changes I made that difficult. I always had fun and have always felt at ease. It was good for me to have someone to push me as I would often want to give up or take the easier option.

The best measurable result was dropping body fat and fitting into size 10 jeans (just)!!! But my best result has been the changes in my diet.

Lauren Nottingham - SEB Fitness

Lauren, Nottingham*

“I enjoyed exercising and wanted to adopt a more healthy lifestyle, however lacked the motivation and knowledge of how to do so. Although I was exercising regularly I needed guidance with eating habits and specific exercises that would benefit me. Working with Sebastian has allowed me to do this”.

Sebastian has helped me tremendously. Not only did he design a tailor made exercise plan to improve my fitness and stamina, muscle strength and flexibility, he also introduced a simple and easy way in which I could monitor my diet. We had weekly sessions together, which helped with monitoring my progress. He always provided encouragement and extra tips that would help me along the way. Sebastian seemed to understand what it was that I wanted from exercising/healthy eating and helped me achieve it.

Through working with Sebastian I achieved my goal of losing one stone in weight in 4-5 weeks and have enormously improved my diet. He has allowed me to see which habits I had were really bad and ways to combat this. I now feel better in myself and friends and family can notice a difference in me too. I am more driven to eat well and do exercise: I have even ordered some gym equipment for me to use at home! I will always be very grateful to Sebastian for helping me, as I feel I had learnt a lot from him

Emma Nottingham - SEB Fitness

Emma, Nottingham*

“My main goal was to get into my wedding dress, which I have. I have had 4 inches taken out of both sides”.

I was due to get married in 6 weeks. I lost some weight over the last 10 – 12 weeks and really wanted to tone up. Sebastian came around and helped me with that.

I lost 7 pounds and lost a further 6 pounds with Sebastian. That was my main goal and we achieved that.

I had not met Sebastian and working with a stranger was a little intimidating at first but he put me at ease. Also, I hadn’t done any exercise since I was 12 – 13 years old so how unfit I was going to be was a bit intimidating but that was fine.

It’s been really enjoyable. You have tailored everything that I’ve needed. The first few sessions built up my fitness and you tailored things that I wanted to achieve. My fitness has improved.

My main goal was to get into my wedding dress, which I have. I have had 4 inches taken out of both sides and I have lost 2 inches across my back so I am definitely pleased with that and will hopefully continue what we are doing

Nicola Nottingham - SEB Fitness

Nichola, Nottingham*

“I can’t narrow my best results to one thing so I’ll pick two, which are; losing 3 stone and sleeping better”.

I was over weight, felt tired all the time, unfit, had poor posture, lacked motivation, and struggled to find the time to exercise. I had tried various diets and going to the gym and wanted to do something different because I was bored of the same routines as they obviously wasn’t working.

The process has been great as Sebastian’s flexibility meets my individual needs. Although we have a laugh and joke he maintains a level of professionalism. In the past I have become bored but Sebastian introduces new things all the time.

I have been re-educated in relation to nutrition and introduced sustainable menus and plans. Sebastian has taken the time to get to know me, which in turn means he has succeeded in motivating me, therefore has an awareness of when I’m feeling down and need additional motivation. He is passionate about his work and this is demonstrated in his consistency, reliability, creativity and determination. I have never felt that he can’t be bothered or is not in the mood.

Jo Nottingham - SEB Fitness

Jo, Nottingham*

“I honestly thought I had left it too late to get fit and feel fantastic. I was wrong”.

Before I started working with Sebastian I was suffering from serious health risks.

Sebastian has been inspirational. He has been positive and has shown me I can achieve anything, if I put my mind to it. Sebastian has been positive in my abilities and never lost faith in me.

Working with Sebastian has been a really enjoyable experience. I have laughed every week even when it has been difficult and I have been tired. Sebastian has encouraged me and urged me to reach my potential. I know I have more to achieve and with Sebastian’s guidance I will reach it.

I have lost weight but gained confidence. I feel so much better and healthier. I have more energy, improved confidence and health and wellbeing has improved so much I want to continue my journey and I’m committing to a half marathon, which I never thought I would be able to do. Thank you for all your help Sebastian.

Zena Nottingham - SEB Fitness

Zena, Nottingham*

“I couldn’t ask for better results in the way my body has changed. I have lost the muffin top which for me has always been a struggle”.

Before working with Sebastian, I was lacking in motivation and did not have the drive I once had, to exercise. I also did not have the best diet.

I had reservations about joining the programme, as I did not know whether the cost would add up to the results in 3 months time. I questioned whether I see results in that time? Sebastian understood everything I wanted to achieve and made it enjoyable. I have loved every step of the journey.

I cannot pinpoint just one result, my diet has improved so much I see it in my skin, hair and I sleep better. My energy levels have improved. I couldn’t ask for better results in the way my body has changed. I have lost the muffin top, which for me has always been a struggle, and I have toned nicely, couldn’t be happier. Sebastian is a top coach and has helped me in so many ways. I have learnt so much on this journey and have enjoyed the whole experience. The programme is 100% worth every penny.

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